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Face Up

An evaluation of a school-based multi-media dating violence prevention programme for adolescents

Face Up

An evaluation of a school-based multi-media dating violence prevention programme for adolescents


Project lead: Nick Axford, PhD 

The Ariel Trust is one of the organisations involved in the Realising Ambition project, an initiative to nurture and evaluate promising and evidence-based interventions across the UK to prevent anti-social behaviour in young people. Face-Up is a multi media-based resource developed by Ariel that educates young people about healthy relationships and aims to prevent dating violence perpetration and victimisation amongst adolescents.

The programme operates mainly in the North West of England. The project is looking at how Face-Up is delivered in schools and testing whether an experimental evaluation to assess the impact on young people’s dating relationships is feasible.

Our role

We are undertaking a feasibility study and pilot randomised controlled trial (RCT) of Face-Up.

The feasibility study involves working with Ariel to ensure that the intervention is evaluable. This includes developing a logic model, refining the intervention, and assessing implementation fidelity and the acceptability of the programme to teachers and pupils.


The pilot RCT involves undertaking randomisation, collecting outcome data from teachers and pupils, monitoring implementation fidelity, and determining which elements of trial design need to be adjusted prior to a full trial. The outcomes include dating violence victimisation and perpetration, attitudes about and knowledge of dating violence, interpersonal and conflict management skills, knowledge of help-seeking, bystander involvement, and mental health.

Funders and collaborators

 Duration: August 2014 - June 2017

Outputs and Resources

A report containing the evaluation results will be produced in 2017. Papers based on the project will also be submitted to peer-reviewed journals.

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